William Hooker – Aria: The Italy Project (self-released)

Drummer William Hooker is a human avalanche of a player who’s been around since the New York loft jazz scene of the early 1970s, and who’s collaborated with figures from across the musical spectrum. David S. Ware and David Murray were guests on his early albums, and in the 1990s he recorded and performed (separately) with Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. His latest album is an ambitious project that features Welf Dorr, Richard Keene, and Louie Belogenis on reeds, Mark Hennen on piano, On Davis on guitar, and David Soldier (of the Soldier String Quartet) on violin and guitar. The music combines segments of wild, theatrical improvisation with compositions that draw upon Italian folk music (Hooker’s wife is Italian) but take it into unexpected and wholly new realms. In addition to drumming, Hooker declaims poetry. This isn’t jazz, exactly; it’s an entirely unique blend of art song, modern composition, and improvised awesomeness.

Stream “Impro II”:

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for videos regarding the James Baldwin Suite

William Hooker Trio at Arts for Art, NYC



The James Baldwin Suite for your perusal !!


The q and a of the James Baldwin Suite for your perusal

Here is YouTube's website .:

Dear All,

I’m pleased to announce the release of “Aria (The Italian Project)” on the Mulatta label.  The official release is slated for January 2017 but advance CD copies are currently available for direct mail order from my website.  

Cost for “ARIA” is $15 plus shipping.  I’m having a website sale (3 for $30) so please have a look at the list of available titles and consider filling out your collection with items you may not already have. 

A studio recording juxtaposing free improvisations with my interpretations of Italian folk music.

Personnel for this work - Mark Hennen, Welf Dorr, On Davis, Louie Belogenis, Richard Keene, David Soldier, William Hooker

Recorded in NYC at NYU studios (2016) .

" Through my wife and her family , who are Italian , I have grown to appreciate and respect all that Italy has given to the world.  As my wife has learned to appreciate and respect my culture. I believe it is through knowledge, appreciation and respect that right human relationships are achieved."  William Hooker





William Hooker [Download


Thanks to WKCR for supporting my work on the radio

Here is the info for an interview in the past....the latest one will be posted soon.

The William Hooker Duo featuring Damon Smith  -  entitled  "Triangles of Force"

on Balance Point Acoustics will be coming out soon .

This was a duo that happened in Oakland...with an Oscar Micheaux film Symbol of the Unconquered..

Check it out!!
I am in AM/NY..



"I think of Micheaux as the Black Pioneer of American film — not just because he was a black man, or because in his youth he pioneered the American West, or because he was the greatest figure in "race" movies and an unjustly ignored force in early American cinema. Micheaux is America's Black Pioneer in the way that Andr� Breton was Surrealism's Black Pope. His movies throw our history and movies into an alien and startling disarray." — J. Hoberman

*Please be on the look out for my Arts and Culture interview just done at WKCR at Columbia University with Sara..probing questions and rapport..I will accompanying the masterpiece "Within Our Gates" by Micheaux at Joe's Pub(@ Public Theater),NYC on March 6th - 7pm...Info and tickets 212.539.8778...Check it out

Some videos from my Stone residency  !!

thanks to Don Mount......................and the wonderful artists .


This is da-news! New NoBusiness Records Archive Series Release:William Hooker "Light. The Early Years 1975-1989" Featuring David S. WareDavid MurrayRoy Campbell Jr., Mark Hennen, Jemeel Moondocand others.

NoBusiness Records is pleased to announce a new archive release from it’s series of important musicians and group recordings from the 70s and 80s, which either were never released before or released on small private labels but long out of print and now newly remastered...
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Jazz news: New NoBusiness Records Archive Series Release: William Hooker "Light. The Early Years 1975-1989". Posted in “Recording” column. Published:…

NoBusiness Records's photo.
NoBusiness Records

Soon on NoBusiness Records


Two reissues of early vinyls on William's label Reality Unit Concepts - "... is Eternal Life" and "Brighter Lights". 
Also two never earlier released sessions from 1988 and 1989.
Featuring - David Murray / David S. Ware / Jemeel Moondoc / Roy Campbell Jr. / Booker T. William / Hasaan Dawkins / Mark Hennen / Lewis Barnes / Alan Braufman and others

To be released by the beginning of January

Keep tuned !!!!!!!!!


I am proud to announce that my website   is now presenting portions of my archive...for your listening pleasure and historical significance...Just pull up my site and ENJOY
my work and the many great musicians this will present.


   is love

   made visible  "     

Audio Archives

William Hooker-Live at Virginia Tech:

William Hooker and Billy Bang:

William Hooker Live at the Knitting Factory:

William Hooker at WKCR:

William Hooker live at the Vision Festival 2001:

William Hooker Live at Princeton University:

William Hooker with Kono - The Dream - 1:

William Hooker with Kono - The Dream - 2:

William Hooker with Kono - The Dream - 3:

William Hooker with Kono - The Dream - 4:

William Hooker, Lee Ranaldo, Gert-Jan Prins at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London England 5/28/2000 Track 1:

William Hooker, Lee Ranaldo, Gert-Jan Prins at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London England 5/28/2000 Track 2:

William Hooker, Lee Ranaldo, Gert-Jan Prins at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London England 5/28/2000 Track 3:

William Hooker "The Lost Generation" @ Tonic, NYC with Louie Belogenis, Todd Nicholson, Matt Lavelle, David Soldier Track 1:

William Hooker "The Lost Generation" @ Tonic, NYC with Louie Belogenis, Todd Nicholson, Matt Lavelle, David Soldier Track 2:

William Hooker with Moe! Staiano at the Hemlock Tavern, San Francisco:

William Hooker with Roger Miller at Piano's, NYC:

NEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a link to an intimate gathering at Funkadelic studio that just occurred.



William Hooker & Daniel Carter - at Funkadelic Studios, NYC - June 6 2015

The concert at Piano Magic w/ Jon Irabagon,James Brandon Lewis,Mark Hennen and myself is now online...Check it out..

a video that was taken at Piano Magic

last weekend..

w/Lewis,Irabagon,Hennen and myself


pics from my Gent concert.

Upcoming Gigs
Monday, 27 February 2017 8:30 PM
Cornelia Street Cafe
29 Cornelia St.,New York City
The William Hooker Trio presents At-One-Ment w/ special guest TBA Personnel:Dave Ross,Eriq Robinson and William Hooker. More...
Saturday, 11 March 2017 7:00 PM
Southampton Arts Centre
Southampton NY
William Hooker - Live music /Silent film More...

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